We at Vintage Motoring, are committed to offering only the top-quality materials and expert mechanics at our shop. The smooth restoration of your vehicle is our utmost priority.

What we do is a pure work of art. Nothing matters to us more than the beauty you bring to us for restoration. We carefully butt-weld the entire vehicle to perfection so that upon completion there’s no way to detect any signs of restoration – your classic vehicle is as new as it was in the 80’ or 70’.

We are a complete restoration center for your vintage cars and trucks turning your classic dreams into reality.  We start by stripping your vehicle as step one and then take off every single part. Interior, wiring, motor/trans, glass, harness, all removable body panels, trimming, basically EVERYTHING is taken care of. We label all those parts and assess to see if they can be reused or not – we value every little screw and nut of a classic vehicle at our hands.

If you are a vintage car enthusiast and someone who believes in neat artistry, we can be your go-to Florida car restoration service.

Restoring any vintage vehicle in a simple, timeless manner is a commitment between the right mechanics staff and the vehicle owner. Only a trusted relationship of both the parties can result in a shining outstanding vehicle parked in your garage.


From aesthetic improvements, to repairing key issues like rust or dents, our comprehensive body restoration process covers every inch of a classic car’s exterior. Classic cars aren’t just marvels of engineering –– they’re practically works of art –– and we treat them as such.


Even the smallest imperfections in a paint job can ruin the overall look of a classic car. Thankfully, we thoroughly prep every vehicle we paint to prevent unseemly fish eyes and to guarantee it leaves our garage looking beautiful and vibrant. Classic cars should be eye-catching, and that all starts with a killer paint job!


Even the best made and maintained classic cars will need mechanical improvements after decades of usage. In terms of repairs, our team is comfortable swapping out entire systems and installing a new engine if need be. We go the extra mile to acquire all of our restoration parts from reputable sources to preserve quality and boost performance.


Owning a classic car is all about riding in style. We get that, which is why our full restorations cover every aspect of a classic vehicle’s interior. We’ll make sure your car looks as stunning on the inside as it does from across the street!

Luis Mazza


Jean Magnani

Graphic & 3D designer

Carlos Reyes

Head of Mechanics

Leonardo Rodriguez

Auto Body Paint Technician

Samuel Talavera

Automotive Technician/Mechanic
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